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ibimus vous accompagne tout au long de vos voyages : trouvez l’inspiration, définissez vos itinéraires, restez en contact avec vos proches via un blog et mettez en valeur vos souvenirs et expériences…

Prepare your trip

Préparer votre voyage n’a jamais été aussi simple : toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin sont à portée de clic ! Petit tour d’horizon des fonctionnalités à votre disposition.

When to go?

Découvrez les meilleures périodes pour partir grâce à notre carte du monde interactive. Pour plus de détail, vous pouvez également visualiser l’évolution annuelle du climat région par région (pour plus de 110 pays à ce jour).

Custom trip

Find out travelers like you (youngers, olders, couple with or without babies...) and who share the same way of travelling. Get ideas from their trips or choose your destinations among the most popular or the most hidden.

Wise tips

Take advantage of the tips of all the community: transportation, good deals, hotels, what to avoid and so on... Numerous themes allow you to set up your trip in the best way according your needs and your interests.

Book now !

Thanks to our partnership, you benefit from the best prices over 235 000 hotels in 225 countries. You can also book your flight from the comparison of all the major booking companies on the web.

Create your travel blog!

Your travel blog is much more than a single page : it has the full set of functionnality of Ibimus itself. Fully independsant, you surf easily through continents, countries, states and all places you have been to, and share gracefully and easily your memories of travel.

Sketch up your travels

Visualize all yout trips in a single glance on your interactive worldmap. When you zoom into a country, all the states/regions you have been through are more or less colored, depending on the quantity of content you have.

Order your destinations

Give a note to the places you have added to your profile to get a ranking of your favourite places. Your visitors will easily find out your highligts either on a continent or on a country, and will get in a second a overview of the places you liked the most.

Let your photos be seen

Add in a click some photos on your destinatinos. Then see a gallery or watch a full screen diaporama. You need to move them around or change a title ? The edition page is here. Plus, your best photos may be selected for the guide or the week hits....

Create a travel blog

Share you adventures on the road or at home. When you create a travel blog, your friends and family may follow you step by step, read your stories, admire your photos... A good way to give some news while abroad, and to revive memories when you are back home.

Share your tips

You know a good deal or a place not to overlook ? You have been abused, you got into some trouble... share your experience to the community ! Other travelers will get the most of it and enjoy a nice trip thanks to you !

Communicate with other travelers

Follow your friends and get notifications as soon as they publish a new blog or some photos. Comment then out ! Contact other travelers thanks to private messages. Ibimus is a place of sharing. Take advantage of it !

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